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Lisa Knight, founder

Certified Sleep Consultant

B.S. Elementary Education

Over 20 years working with young families


Jaime Christman

Certified Family Life Educator

B.S. Psychology and Family Studies

Master of Family Education

Emphasis in Early Childhood Education


Clara Knutson

Marketing & Social Media

B.S. Marketing

B.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Communication Studies

"At Lullaby Nest, we believe that the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important for their development so we work closely with families to provide guidance and education while also being respectful and understanding of diverse parenting styles and comfort levels around the sleep training process.  We use a holistic approach as we learn about the whole child in order to create unique and appropriate plans.  We then walk closely alongside each family until they’ve reached their sleep goals."

                                                                                         ~Lullaby Nest Team

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"Her services and support are invaluable!"

"It had easily been a year since I'd had a good night of sleep.  I was restless and uncomfortable when I was pregnant and the poor sleep continued until I found Lisa with Lullaby Nest!  Mama guilt had the best of me and I let that get in the way of my child learning the skill of sleeping. Lisa helped me to gently provide my son the opportunity to learn self-soothing.  Her coaching helped to create a realistic goal, a step-by-step plan and achieving our goal.  Her services and support are invaluable!  Any person who believes being a parent equates to being tired and sleepless needs to talk with Lisa! I recommend any family who is challenged with sleep in their home and wants the best for their little's health!"

 Jim & Erin Sobtzak - Barnesville, MN

Lisa Knight, Certified Sleep Consultant

Lisa Knight, Certified Sleep Consultant

Lisa Knight



Lisa Knight

Jaime Christman

Located in Minneapolis, MN
but serving families all over the globe!

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