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Frequently Asked Questions about Lullaby Nest and Hiring a Sleep Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?  We've got you covered.

Do you use the cry-it-out method of sleep training?

When we think of the cry-it-out method we imagine a child being placed down to sleep, alone in their room until they cry themselves to sleep.  That is not what our plans entail.  Instead, parents are involved and close to their infant while they master this new skill of independent sleep.  Plans are individualized and can be adjusted based on each parent's comfort level.

What makes you different than other sleep consultants?

We have a collective 30+ years in the early childhood education field so our plans use a holistic approach, meaning that we create unique plans that speak to the whole child.  We don't just cover sleep but also offer additional support as needed around diet, exercise, developmental milestones, behaviors, potty training, etc.  It's like getting the support of a best friend along with the expertise of a specialist in family education.

Will sleep training affect the breastfeeding relationship?

Yes, in all kinds of positive ways!  Babies who are not sleeping well will often fall into "snack and snooze" patterns which can prevent them from fully draining the breast during a feed.  We also know that chronic sleep deprivation can negatively impact a mom's milk supply.  Sleep is just as important as calories for a growing baby so it's important to nourish both the breastfeeding relationship as well as quality of sleep.

What ages do you work with?

We work with children from the newborn stage up to age ten.

Will you travel to my house?

Currently, our packages are being done virtually with the same great success rate, however, if a family requests an in-home visit, that can be arranged with an additional cost for travel time and expenses.

What if I invest my money and it doesn't work?

If you follow the plan and don't reach your sleep goals we will happily refund you.    

I don't think I can afford a package but I really need help, what can I do?

At Lullaby Nest, it's our goal to help every parent get better rest.  That's why we created tiered packages that include options that fit within most budgets.  However, if these are still out of your price range, please reach out! We'd still love to connect and offer you some suggestions.

Do you support attachment parenting?

We support a strong attachment between parent and child, however, we also believe that during sleep it's safest for infants to have their own sleeping space. That being said, we've teamed up with many families that practice attachment parenting to improve quality of sleep because they understand the physical and mental impact chronic sleep deprivation can cause both parent and child. 


I want to gift a package, do you offer gift cards?

Yes!  We send these digitally so please contact us to get started.

I'm looking for something different than what you offer. 
Are your services flexible?

Yes. Please connect with us. We understand that every family and situation is different.  If we think we can adequately meet your unique needs we'll provide you with a quote for our services.

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