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Traveling With Kids!

We all love to travel right? Whether it is to a new city miles away or your neighboring town to eat local pizza. Oftentimes you hear, “get all your traveling done before you have a baby,” “do all the things you want before babies.” etc. etc.

First thing, don’t cancel your travel plans! YOU CAN DO IT.

The first trip we went on, my little one was 3 months old and we flew to Atlanta. He slept the entire way and I thought to myself “wow, I can travel so much, this is great.” Around 5 months old, we took a road trip from Minnesota to Wyoming. (I was feeling adventurous) Let’s just say, we stopped often.

The most recent travel plans consisted of myself and my 10-month-old, on a 3.5-hour flight… I was so nervous! I thought, it is just me, without my husband, my 10-month-old is walking, hates being held, and is non-stop moving, what in the world is this flight going to look like?

The one thing with all these traveling plans is

  1. Be Flexible

When I say be flexible, I mean, be flexible as you never know what traveling with a little one is going to look like.

  1. Start with a well-rested baby

  2. Have at least one good nap

  3. Keep your bedtime routine as close to normal as possible

If your little one gets a bath and massage every night with those lavender lotions, make sure to keep that the same when you are traveling. This will help cue that bedtime is near, no matter the place you are at.

Remember, you can do it!

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