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"Her services and support are invaluable."


"It had easily been a year since I'd had a good night of sleep. I was restless and uncomfortable when I was pregnant and the poor sleep continued until I found Lisa with Lullaby Nest! Mama guilt had the best of me and I let that get in the way of my child learning the skill of sleeping. Lisa helped me to gently provide my son the opportunity to learn self soothing. Her coaching helped to create a realistic goal, a step by step plan, and the accountability in executing our plan and achieving our goal. Her services and support are invaluable! Any person who believes being a parent equates to being tired and sleepless needs to talk with Lisa! I recommend any family who is challenged with sleep in their home and wants the best for their little's health!"


Jim & Erin Sobtzak - Barnesville, MN

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"I think my favorite part about this experience was getting to know each of our girls' differences instead of looking at their similarities. 


"My wife and I are first-time parents to 5-month-old twin girls! We were given advice to “keep the girls on the same schedule, feeding, naps, awake windows, etc.”... but how in the world do we do this? Well- we managed to get them on and keep them on the same schedule when it came to everything but sleeping. Jaime was our sleep consultant and let me tell you we leaned on her heavily! She helped us create a schedule and routines that actually worked for us and our lifestyle, not only that but she also made any changes that we felt needed to be made and always made us feel comfortable in telling her something was or was not working. I think our favorite part about this entire experience was getting to know each of our girls' differences instead of looking at their similarities. Jaime helped us explore each twin's sleep patterns and habits to get them in sync with each other. After 3 weeks Jaime had our girls sleeping 9 hours straight every single night, without a pacifier and putting themselves independently after waking during the night. We also got rid of their nighttime “comfort” feeds to put them back to sleep. We are forever grateful to Jaime and the Lullaby Nest team for helping us get the sleep we all need as a family!"

Rohl Family ~ Cumberland, WI 

"Lisa assessed our comfort each step of the way"


"They tell you to sleep when baby sleeps but what if baby doesn’t sleep? We were told many things when our son Román was born but no one said that some babies don’t sleep or may need to be taught how to sleep. For the first month so much was happening that it was hard to notice anything. Soon after we started to notice that Román was not sleeping how a one month old should be. I started googling and researching how to help my baby sleep better.  That’s when I came across and learned about sleep consultation. I quickly got on Instagram and started following all pages that could possibly teach me how to help my baby. I came across Lullaby Nest’s page. I was so pleased that I was chosen as the winner for their giveaway. Before hearing Lisa’s plan I was not confident that this would work as I had felt that we had tried just about everything. Typically when most people hear about sleep training it is often presumed to have a negative impact on the baby emotionally but we quickly realized this was not the case. Lisa always assessed our comfort each step of the way and guided us in creating a more calming bedtime routine for Román. Within the first two days we noticed a change, Román was sleeping longer than he ever had. Within a week he was sleeping through the night and he was much happier and more energized. Lisa continued working with us and guiding us even after our original discharge date. We will always be thankful for this gift— you have no idea how big of an impact it had on our family! We are so grateful for Lullaby Nest, we highly recommend working with Lisa for your baby’s sleep needs."

                         Luís & Fadwa Ali - Dover, FL

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"This program has changed our lives."


"We had many challenges with Isaac's sleep but the top 2 would have to be him coming into our bed at night and his 60+ minute tantrums if we brought him back to his bed.  This program has completely changed our lives.  Isaac is now the happiest, most relaxed child (as relaxed as a 5 year old can be). Even his teachers have commented on the change!  We now have evenings together as a couple and the knowledge to tackle this with our other child."

Joe & Emma Brown, Fargo, ND


"We were waking up all hours of the night with Levi, nursing him all night long and bedsharing (which I thought I would never do!) just out of sheer survival.  Trying to come up with a plan to get him sleeping better was just so overwhelming to me so we just continued on in a sleepless stupor for months on end.  Since getting Lisa's advice and encouragement and following Lisa's plan for our Levi - I can confidently say that we have a completely different baby - he wakes up so incredibly happy and it's easy to tell he is now well rested and getting good, consolidated sleep.  He's sleeping so well at night and is taking good long naps during the day and in turn makes for a happy baby and mom & dad as well!  We are super happy with making the decision to go with Lisa to help our little Levi (and our family) sleep!"

Tyler & Erika Johanning, Park Rapids, MN

"I can confidently say that we have a completely different baby"

White Sheet

"Lisa assured me that I didn't have to give up all those special moments in order to achieve our goals."


"As a new mom, it was important for me to lay a strong foundation of sleep skills.  I decided to be proactive in hiring Lisa when our daughter was jut a few weeks old, and boy am I glad I did!  With just a few minor adjustments to our schedule, I'm already seeing  a better sleeper and eater!  Lisa assured me that I didn't have to give up all of those special moments of holding my sleeping baby or rocking her while she falls asleep in order to achieve our goals.  Instead we learned about how and when to make adjustments based on our comfort level and timeline.  We will use these new skills for many years (and children) to come!"

Craig & Kaylie Waldvogel, Osakis, MN

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